Seaward Agencies Pty Ltd, an Importer and Manufacturers sales agency, was founded in 2001 by Dudley and Sally Maudlin, selling primarily ‘top end’ domestic/home appliances as well as wine cabinets and cellars of varying sizes for commercial, hospitality and ‘in-home’ use.

More recently their focus has changes to include allied products, proudly including the range of Lucas locks from Lucas Distribution, USA.

Lucas Locks, also a family owned and run business was founded in 2007 by Gary and Arlene Lucas. Their top quality range of Refrigerator locks and Paper Tray Locks are now sold in over 37 countries.

Being ‘owner operated’ companies, both Seaward Agencies and Lucas Distributors pride themselves in their high level of customer service, including the ability to design, source and offer affordable, customized lock solutions.